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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Model Hot Air Balloons

Mannequin Scorching Air Balloons
Arts and Crafts
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Yr of Introduction: 2008


1. State the function every of the next performed within the improvement of flying balloons.[edit]

a. Joseph Michel Montgolfier and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier[edit]

Joseph-Michel Montgolfier (26 August 1740 – 26 June 1810) and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier (6 January 1745 – 2 August 1799) have been the inventors of the montgolfière, or airship. The brothers succeeded in launching the primary manned ascent, carrying a younger doctor and an audacious military officer into the sky.

Of the 2 brothers, it was Joseph who first contemplated constructing “machines”. Joseph noticed laundry drying over a hearth by the way type pockets that billowed upwards. Joseph set about constructing a box-like chamber 1 by 1 by 1.Three meters3 by 3 by 4 ft out of very skinny wooden and overlaying the edges and high with light-weight taffeta fabric. Below the underside of the field he crumpled and lit some paper. The contraption rapidly lifted off its stand and collided with the ceiling. Joseph then recruited his brother to balloon constructing.

The 2 brothers then set about constructing a contraption Three instances bigger in scale (27 instances bigger in quantity). The lifting power was so nice that they misplaced management of their craft on its very first check flight on 14 December 1782. The system floated practically 2 kilometres (about 1.2 mi). It was destroyed after touchdown by the “indiscretion” of passersby.

b. Jean Francois Pilatre de Rozier and Francois Laurent Marquis d’Arlandes.[edit]

The primary untethered balloon flight, by Rozier and the Marquis d’Arlandes on 21 November 1783.

Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier (30 March 1754 – 15 June 1785) was a French chemistry and physics trainer, and one of many first pioneers of aviation. His balloon crashed close to Wimereux within the Pas-de-Calais throughout an try to fly throughout the English Channel, and he and his companion, Pierre Romain, turned the primary identified victims of an air crash.

In June 1783, he witnessed the primary balloon flight of the Montgolfier brothers. On 19 September, he assisted with the untethered flight of a sheep, a cockerel and a duck from the entrance courtyard of the Palace of Versailles. After a wide range of checks in October, he made the primary manned free flight in historical past on 21 November 1783, accompanied by the bold Marquis d’Arlandes. Throughout the 25-minute flight utilizing a Montgolfier sizzling air balloon, they traveled 12 kilometres from the Château de la Muette to the Butte-aux-Cailles, then within the outskirts of Paris, attaining an altitude of three,000 toes.

c. Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles and Nicolas Louis Robert.[edit]

In December of 1783, these two flew the primary gasoline balloon, full of hydrogen. This flight lasted for not less than 2 hours, ranging from the Tuileries gardens in Paris, and touchdown exterior Paris the place it was destroyed by terrified peasants.

Charles went on to find Charles’ Regulation which describes the connection between the density of a gasoline and its temperature.

d. Ben L. Abruzzo, Maxie L. Anderson, and Larry Newman[edit]

From 11 August to 17 August 1978, these three accomplished the primary transatlantic balloon flight within the Double Eagle II. They started their flight from Presque Isle, Maine and ended their flight at Miserey, France.

Ben Abruzzo and Larry Newman have been additionally pilots on the Double Eagle V which in 1981 was the primary balloon to cross the Pacific Ocean.

e. Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones[edit]

On March 1, 1999, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones started the primary balloon flight to circumnavigate the earth. Their flight was a hit and ended on March 20, 1999. The flight took 19 days and 21 hours. The flight began in Switzerland and resulted in Egypt.

2. Cite the precept of Archimedes, and briefly describe the way it applies to every of the next[edit]

Archimedes’ Precept states: any physique totally or partially submerged in a fluid is buoyed up by a power equal to the load of the fluid displaced.
a. A bit of cork floating in a bowl of water.

Cork is much less dense than water, and weighs lower than the quantity of water displaced, inflicting the cork to drift.

b. A ship floating within the ocean

Ships, although fabricated from dense supplies, are formed in order that a lot of the inside is air. As a result of the load of the ship and its cargo is lower than the quantity of water displaced, the ship will float.

c. A sizzling air balloon floating within the environment

So long as a balloon plus the gasoline it incorporates weighs lower than the atmospheric air which it displaces, the balloon will float within the air.

3. Utilizing a textbook of Chemistry, or a reference e-book of scientific tables, draw up a easy desk displaying the composition of air by weight and by quantity.[edit]

Gasoline Air Share Weight of pure gasoline
Nitrogen 78% 1.25 g/liter
Oxygen 21% 1.43 g/liter
Argon .93% 1.78 g/liter
Carbon Dioxide .03% 1.96 g/liter
Different (together with Neon, Helium,
Hydrogen, Xenon, & Radon)

To calculate the typical weight of air in a balloon it may be labored out utilizing tough percentages 70% Nitrogen and 30% oxygen because the make up of air. Atomic weight of Nitrogen is 14 g. Atomic weight of Oxygen is 16 g. Nitrogen and Oxygen gasses are fashioned utilizing two atoms. So for a balloon with 22.Four litres of air use this formular. In fact if you’d like it extra correct the precise percentages of all gasses current can be used.

70% x 28 + 30% x 32 = 0.7 x 28 + 0.Three x 32 = 19.6 + 9.6 = 29.2

So a balloon with 22.Four litres of air weighs 29.2 g plus the load of the balloon.

4. Draw up a easy desk displaying a comparability of the atomic quantity, atomic weight, and density of hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen.[edit]

5. Identify two gases which might be utilized in flying gasoline crammed balloons.[edit]

Hydrogen & Helium are each much less dense than air and could also be used when flying a balloon. Heat air can also be used for flying balloons, since it’s much less dense than chilly air.

  • Observe: Hydrogen burns violently when ignited. After the destruction of the Hindenburg, hydrogen was largely deserted for the flying of manned balloons.

6. Clarify how warmth/temperature have an effect on the density of air, and the way this is applicable to flying sizzling air balloons.[edit]

As described by Charles’ Regulation, warmth utilized to a gasoline will trigger its molecules to maneuver farther aside, lowering it is density. When the air in a balloon is heated above the temperature of the encompassing air, the air within the balloon turns into much less dense than the air exterior the balloon. As a result of the balloon is much less dense, it should float or rise. The larger the distinction in temperature between the air within the balloon and the encompassing air, the larger the distinction in density between the air inside and outdoors the balloon, which will increase the elevate that the balloon will generate. This explains why balloons are largely launched in cooler climate.

7. Clarify the function of every of the next within the construction and flying of a sizzling air balloon.[edit]

a. Envelope
The outer pores and skin of the balloon, forming the container that holds the gasoline.
b. Help construction
The framework of bigger balloons.
c. Throat
The decrease opening by way of which the recent flame is utilized to warmth the air.
d. Gasoline supply
The gasoline used to warmth the air to make the balloon much less dense than the encompassing air.

8. Identify two supplies which may be used for the envelope of a sizzling air balloon, and evaluate the benefits every accords due to its properties.[edit]

Paper could also be used for mannequin sizzling air balloons due to ease of acquisition and low worth.
Plastic could also be used for mannequin sizzling air balloons as a result of it’s waterproof, straightforward to work with, and simple to accumulate.
Material is normally used for bigger, manned balloons. The material is specifically handled.

9. Describe how flying balloons have served a helpful operate in[edit]

a. Navy campaigns[edit]

Navy makes use of embrace: “eyes within the sky”, commentary of enemy troops and positions, supply of explosives to enemy positions, and defensive use of entangling incoming enemy flying craft.

b. Scientific analysis[edit]

Scientific makes use of embrace instrument transport for knowledge gathering, atmospheric research, and aerial images.

10. At what time of the day do most sport balloon flights happen? Why?[edit]

Early morning is finest as a result of the air has cooled over night time making the distinction of temperature inside & exterior larger, thus rising buoyancy.

11. Describe how a pilot controls the vertical motion of[edit]

a. A sizzling air balloon[edit]

The pilot controls the vertical motion of a sizzling air balloon by burning extra gasoline to make the air within the balloon hotter, causes the air within the balloon to turn out to be much less dense, making it rise. Conversely, turning off the flame and permitting the air within the balloon to chill renders the air within the balloon extra dense with respect to the encompassing environment, inflicting the balloon to descend. Extra fast will increase in altitude may be achieved by lessening the load of the balloon normally by dropping ballast, nonetheless that is restricted by the quantity of ballast obtainable.

b. A gasoline crammed balloon[edit]

Including extra of the lighter than air gasoline to ascend, and spilling a few of the gasoline as a way to descend varies the altitude of a helium or hydrogen crammed balloon.

12. Describe how a pilot controls the lateral or horizontal motion of a flying balloon.[edit]

Horizontal motion of a gasoline crammed flying balloon is solely on the mercy of air currents. The pilot can solely differ the altitude in order to get into the trail of air currents, such because the jet stream. This entails cautious examine of charts of air currents, shut consideration to climate knowledge, and a sure component of trial and error. Older airships, just like the Hindenburg, had a rudder and propellers to maneuver it in order that it didn’t need to rely upon air currents.

13. Construct to completion one mannequin sizzling air balloon ( or two if working in pairs ).[edit]


  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick(s)
  • Stitching pins (non-compulsory)
  • Skinny wire (22 gauge is recommended)
  • Needle-nose pliers & wire cutters
  • 1 50″x20″ piece of Linoleum (for making balloon panel type)
  • A spool of string

Instructions for balloon panel type[edit]

Illustration of distance from heart

Use a inflexible or semi-rigid materials resembling poster board or a chunk of linoleum flooring. I might recommend a chunk of linoleum flooring,as it’s extra inflexible and can be utilized extra instances. Reduce out a chunk that’s 50 inches lengthy and 20 inches vast. For each different measurement, you’ll have to measure from the middle of the shape you might be creating. You will have to mark every measurement on the surface edge (furthest from the middle of the shape).

  • The primary measurement is the very backside of the shape (and all others shall be going from backside to high) and is Three half of inches every course from the middle.
  • Seven inches from the underside is one other measurement of three half of inches from heart.
  • 4 inches up the middle line is a measurement of Four 7/Eight inches from heart.
  • 4 extra inches up the middle line is a measurement of 6 3/Four inches from heart.
  • Six inches up the middle line is a measurement of Eight 5/Eight inches from heart.
  • Six extra inches up the middle line is a measurement of 9 5/Eight inches from heart (that is the widest measurement).
  • Six inches past the widest measurement is a smaller measurement of 9 1/Eight inches from heart.
  • Three inches up the road is a measurement of seven half of inches from heart.
  • Three inches additional is a measurement of 6 half of inches from heart.
  • Three inches additional is a measurement of Four 3/Four inches from heart.
  • Three inches additional is a measurement of three inches from heart.
  • Lastly, 2 3/Four to three inches additional is your high measurement. The highest measurement is 1 5/Eight inches from heart.

Take the pen you might be utilizing to mark the measurements with and draw a line, ranging from the underside measurement, all the best way across the exterior of the measurement. It’s going to appear like a lightweight bulb.

Reduce alongside the road that you simply simply drew to take away the additional materials across the “gentle bulb” form. That ought to provide the type wanted to create the right form for the panels of your balloon.

Instructions for making balloon[edit]

  1. Take 2 items of tissue paper and glue them finish to finish (vertically). Proceed doing this with every set of tissue paper till you have got 6 panels (a panel is 2 items of tissue paper glued finish to finish (vertically). You need to solely glue a few thumb’s width or one straight line with the glue stick.
  2. Upon getting 6 panels, lay them one on high of one other, ensuring that one finish of the stack has a fair edge on the backside of the panels.*
  3. Take your Panel Type and lay it on high of your 6 panels. line up the underside of the shape with the straight fringe of your 6 panels.
  4. Hint, with a black marker, alongside the sting of the shape (ensuring to not transfer the shape or the panels). The shape is not going to attain the opposite finish your your panel stack. That is alright. Simply maintain tracing past the shape in a diagonal line till you attain the highest of your panel stack. Then take away the shape from on high of the your panels.
  5. Take your scissors and reduce on the surface of the black strains that you simply created by tracing the panel type. When you’re completed, you must have two (2) units of scrap, one on both sides of your panels. DO NOT THROW THESE AWAY! It’s possible you’ll must patch some panels that develop holes in addition to use a few of it to create a high in your balloon.
  6. Take the highest two (2) panels and pull them out past your different panels. Pull the underside of the 2 panels out about one inch from the highest panel. Take your scissors, and reduce flaps into the underside panel. Solely reduce in about half of an inch deep. Do that all the best way alongside one facet of the underside of the 2 panels. The flaps make it a lot simpler to connect panels collectively.
  7. Take a glue stick and apply glue to the highest of the 2 panels. You wish to apply the glue to the facet of the panel that’s subsequent to the flaps that you simply simply reduce. Additionally when making use of the glue, you’ll solely want one glue stick width of glue alongside the sting. As a result of the glue dries rapidly, it’s possible you’ll wish to apply, at most, sufficient glue for two or Three flaps at a time. Then you’ll fold over the flaps on the underside panel onto the sting of the highest panel the place the glue was utilized. Proceed doing this till you have got totally connected 2 of the panels collectively.
  8. Take a 3rd panel and lay it on high of the two panels that you simply simply glued collectively. Lay it in order that the sting of the highest panel, of the two connected panels, that has not been glued is uncovered about an inch.
  9. As soon as once more, reduce flaps on the inch of uncovered panel which might be a few half inch deep. The glue and fold over the flaps to connect the third panel to the second panel. Now you must have Three panels connected collectively. Proceed repeating steps 8 & 9 (Disregard the two panels reference in 8. As an alternative perceive that it’s going to now check with the two panels that you simply simply joined.) till your whole panels have been connected. Keep in mind to alternate which facet you might be chopping the flaps on in order that you don’t tamper with any of the joints of the opposite panels.
  10. Upon getting connected all 6 of your panels collectively, flip them over. Increase the highest panel and fold the inside panels again. Don’t crease the inside panels. Then exchange the highest panel.
  11. Reduce the underside panel simply as you have got each panel earlier than. Keep in mind to make the cuts solely about half of inch deep. Then pull the highest panel in direction of the sting of the underside panel till you have got the identical width of the underside panel as you’d have for earlier panels.
  12. Apply glue to the highest panel simply as you have got for each panel earlier than. Keep in mind that it might be simpler to use glue for under 2 or Three panels at a time after which fold the flaps over earlier than persevering with to use the glue.
  13. Now. Open up your balloon. You’ll discover that it doesn’t have a high but. From the scraps that you simply saved, while you reduce out your panels, decide as massive a chunk as attainable. From this piece, reduce as massive a circle as you’ll be able to. (It’s possible you’ll fold the piece of paper over a few times to make chopping out the circle simpler.)
  14. Apply glue to the circle you simply reduce out (across the exterior edges by one or two glue stick widths). Then connect the circle to the highest of your balloon to cowl the opening.
  15. Take some wire and reduce roughly a 2 foot part off of the spool.
  16. Take some needle-nose pliers and form the wire right into a inflexible circle. (I recommend making somewhat loop in a single finish. Turning it barely. Threading different finish of the wire by way of the loop somewhat methods and the twisting the threaded wire across the looped finish. This retains the wire circle from increasing or contracting in measurement.)
  17. Put the open finish of the balloon by way of the wire circle. Then fold the balloon over the wire and glue the folded over finish again to the balloon. (It’s possible you’ll reduce flaps within the open finish of the balloon to make it simpler to connect.) There shall be extra balloon floor than wire. You will have to fold the top of a panel or two over somewhat to lower the quantity of panel that it’s important to take care of whereas gluing the balloon over the wire.
  18. At this level your balloon is completed. You’ll want to go over your entire floor of the balloon to ensure there aren’t any holes within the panels, no unglued panel joints, no unglued balloon cap spots, or rips on the backside the place the wire is. If there are any of those points, take a few of your left over scraps (Aren’t you glad you saved them?) and patch the balloon by gluing items out of your scraps over any holes.

14. Efficiently launch, fly, and recuperate the mannequin sizzling air balloon(s) which you have got constructed.[edit]

launching balloon at night time

Take a single burner camp range and use it to warmth the air beneath your balloon. Watch out to not get the balloon too near the flame as it should ignite and expend.

A extra environment friendly means of getting sizzling air into your balloon is to take some inflexible dryer vent, reduce notches that may be slid over the pot stabilizers in your camp range, after which slide the vent pipe onto the range. This causes the heated air to be channeled up the vent pipe into the balloon. Nevertheless, this doesn’t eradicate the potential for your balloon igniting and burning up. You’ll have to maintain the balloon from touching the vent pipe and in addition watch the balloon to ensure it does not begin turning brown nearest the vent pipe.

You will have two (2) folks to launch the balloon. One to carry the highest finish of the balloon up (till sufficient sizzling air is throughout the balloon), and the opposite to carry the balloon mouth over the range. Earlier than holding the balloon over the range, tie a spool of string to the wire that retains the type of the balloons mouth. Maintain the balloon over the range in order that sizzling air might enter the balloon. Hold the balloon over the range till it seems to be/feels as if it is able to take off (normally wherever from 30–45 seconds will do). When sufficient sizzling air has entered the balloon, launch the balloon and let it fly up and away. Let the balloon fly for about twenty (20) seconds. When the balloon has efficiently been flown pull on the string that you simply connected to the balloon to recuperate the balloon. The string retains the balloon from being blown away in addition to preserving it from flying into bushes or different objects.

Please maintain protected through the use of warmth resistant gloves resembling oven mitts or welders gloves. The steel duct does get sizzling. The balloon isn’t over the duct pipe lengthy sufficient to catch fireplace. We needed to have each gasoline burners going to get adequate warmth up the pipe. Completely happy flying. There’s a good DVD referred to as Evening Crossing a few household who escaped over the Berlin boarder. They constructed two balloons and had two makes an attempt to freedom.


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