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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Nature/Bats

North American Division
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Yr of Introduction: 2004

1. Why are bats labeled as mammals and never birds?[edit]

Listed below are some identifiers for mammals, birds, and bats. After analyzing the checklist, it ought to be quite apparent how rather more like mammals bats are in comparison with birds:


  • Fur
  • Bear stay younger (besides platypus)
  • The infants nurse from their mom
  • They’re Heat-blooded
  • 4 legs usually with toes and/or “palms” and “toes”


  • They’ve fur or hair
  • A child bat is born alive
  • The infants nurse from their mom
  • They’re Heat-blooded
  • Bats have arms, palms and toes


  • Birds have feathers, not fur or hair
  • They’re hatched from eggs
  • The infants are fed from mother’s mouth
  • They’ve wings, however not palms and fingers

2. What’s the important attribute that separates bats from all different mammals?[edit]

Bats are the solely mammal that may actually fly (others species such because the flying squirrels really glide as an alternative of fly).

3. What’s the identify of the order that bats belong to and what does it imply?[edit]

Bats are within the order Chiroptera, which accurately means “hand-wing” in Latin. This identify is smart as a result of a bat’s wings stretch over the forearm and fingers, and fix down on the ankle bones. The identify is from the Greek, Cheir=hand; Pteron=wing. They obtained this identify when scientists seen that they fly with a modified hand.

4. What are the most important and smallest bats and the place do they stay?[edit]

  • Largest: The largest flying mammals are the Flying Foxes, significantly these dwelling in Asia and Australia. A number of species have a size of 45 cm (17.7 in), a wingspan of 1.7 m (5 ft 7 in), and a weight of 1.6 kg (3.5 lb). The Indian Flying Fox particularly has been recognized to achieve a wingspan of 6 toes.
  • Smallest: The world’s smallest bat is the Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat (a.ok.a. The Bumblebee Bat) of Thailand. Weighing lower than a penny and with a wingspan of lower than 5 inches it’s also the worlds smallest mammal.

5. What number of various kinds of bats are there worldwide?[edit]

There are roughly 1000 species of bats on the earth, and bats stay on each continent besides Antarctica. There are roughly 825 species of Micro-chiroptera worldwide, and about 175 species of Mega-chiroptera.

6. Bats are divided into two (2) suborders. What are their names?[edit]

  • a. Mega-chiroptera
  • b. Micro-chiroptera

7. Which suborder of bats makes use of echolocation and which suborder makes use of eyesight to search out their meals?[edit]

  • a. Megabats: Use eyesight.
  • b. Microbats: Use echolocation. (Bats ship out sound waves utilizing their mouth or nostril. When the sound hits an object an echo comes again. The bat can establish an object by the sound of the echo. They’ll even inform the scale, form and texture of a tiny insect from its echo. Most bats use echolocation to navigate at nighttime and discover meals.)

8. What’s the weight loss plan of the Megabats?[edit]

Many megabats eat fruit, nectar, and pollen, which earns them their nickname, “fruit bats”.

9. What’s the weight loss plan of the Microbats?[edit]

The microbats are usually insect-eating, though they have a tendency to have a way more diverse weight loss plan than the megabats. Apart from Bugs, microbats eat something from nectar and fruit like megabats, fish, small mammals and birds, and even blood.

10. What number of infants does a bat have annually and what are the infants referred to as?[edit]

Most bats have one child per yr, although some have twins or triplets. Child bats are referred to as pups.

11. Discover three Bible texts that point out bats.[edit]

Leviticus 11:19: The stork, any type of heron, the hoopoe and the bat.

Deuteronomy 14:18: The stork, any type of heron, the hoopoe and the bat.

Isaiah 2:20: In that day males will throw away to the rodents and bats their idols of silver and idols of gold, which they made to worship.

Which textual content makes use of bats in an end-time prophecy?[edit]

Isaiah 2:20: In that day males will throw away to the rodents and bats their idols of silver and idols of gold, which they made to worship.

12. Do bats hibernate or migrate for the winter?[edit]

Within the chilly climates bats both hibernate or migrate to hotter areas. Bats dwelling within the tropical zones keep energetic yr spherical.

13. Identify the components of a bat.[edit]

Knee, tail membrane, tail, calcal, foot, wing membrane, fingers, wrist, ear, tragus, forearm, thumb.

The calcal is a bony construction connecting the leg to the tail.
The tragus is a characteristic bats have in frequent with people, being the fleshy a part of the ear above the lobe and subsequent to the temple.

Parts of a Bat

14. What number of bugs can a bat eat in an hour?[edit]

600 – 1,000 bugs per hour in keeping with their physique weight. A single brown bat can eat 1,200 bugs per hour.

15. What are the 2 (2) important advantages bats present for man?[edit]

  • a. Eat bugs. A single brown bat can eat 1,200 bugs per hour (3,000 – 7,000 per evening). Bats eat such dangerous bugs as cockroaches, mosquitoes, and gnats. Giant colonies of bats can devour many bugs that will in any other case hurt farmers’ crops.
  • b. Pollinate and unfold seeds. Bats function meals plant pollinators.
  • c. Present outlet for medical analysis. Their echolocation abilities have been studied to assist medical professionals assist the blind. A chemical agent within the saliva of the frequent vampire bat, Draculin, is being examined to be used in serving to stroke victims.

16. Construct or buy a bat field, know one of the best place to place it and set up it at a house, church, or your faculty. File for Three months what type and what number of bats have made it their residence.[edit]

You could find on-line plans to construct your individual bat home right here:

For greatest outcomes, the roosting chamber ought to be no less than 50 cm (20 in) vast, 70 cm (24 in) excessive, and about 2 cm (3/Four in) deep on the within. It ought to have an open backside and a roof. The within ought to be roughened with horizontal noticed cuts or lined with a plastic mesh so the bats could have one thing to seize on to. Don’t make the bat field from strain handled wooden, however do use out of doors grade plywood or cedar. A roof will definitely assist protect the bat field, particularly if coated with an asphalt shingle or with metallic.

It ought to ideally be mounted on a constructing the place it might probably extra readily soak up warmth, or on a pole. Mounting a bat field in a tree will be certain that no bats transfer in. The bat field ought to be mounted away from timber and utility wires the place bat predators (hawks, owls, and many others.) could roost. The bat field ought to be no less than 12 toes from the bottom.


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