Attempting to Buy the PS5 or Xbox from Target - PlayStation 5 Stream

Attempting to Buy the PS5 or Xbox from Target – PlayStation 5 Stream

Let’s attempt to safe a PS5 or Xbox from Goal!. That is NOT confirmed. The stream has zero delay and I’ll paste hyperlinks in chat in addition to on twitter as quickly as they go up! PlayStation 5 and Xbox Collection X and S might go up at any time. Goal usually goes stay between 5am and 8am EST.

Full Information and recommendations on the right way to checkout when Goal drops:

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The Jake Randall Assortment now obtainable on LMTLSS!
Get the brand new Windbreaker that matches the PS5 shade scheme NOW:

Thanks for watching my Gaming Content material and my Xbox and PS5 Inventory Information and Alerts!

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  1. Great video last night. Had some real emotion in it. Jake is definitely a good souled down-to- earth guy! Thanks for all you do! See you tonight. Time to secure the bag!

  2. Take care of your health man at the end of the day i rather miss a drop then having to see you worry so you don't always got to stream if something goes live take can my man 👍💯

  3. The console shortages due to scalpers is so out of control many are giving up on trying to get these consoles. And the only place to get them from is from E bay. So many scalpers want double or triple the price and even if a person were insane enough to do they have to also worry about the consoles being stolen since so many drivers from Fed Ex and UPS and Amazon are stealing them.
    Or another scam going around is people sending out console boxes with nothing in them or items that have nothing to do with the consoles themselves.
    And its so out of control that many are giving up on getting the consoles. This console launch since day 1 has unleashed a dark curse on many including me. Almost 4 months in and people still cant find these consoles.
    I would love to see these scalpers be found and be given severe penalties from the retailers or have their IP addresses banned from those websites. Either way this is so out of control and not fair. These people need to be stopped

  4. The ps5 is still not available to walk in store and buy with no problem? I thought they would have plenty available by now with no problem

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