Billionaires Are Buying NFTs! Altcoin Hype Wave Incoming!

Billionaires Are Buying NFTs! Altcoin Hype Wave Incoming!

Billionaires Mark Cuban & Chamath Palihapitiya are on an NFT shopping for SPREE! That is going to trigger a ripple impact & one other ALTCOIN HYPE WAVE! Which NFT altcoins is Chico Crypto eyeing??? The Non Fungible Tokens which have truly utility & use instances!!

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  1. Staying aware of your recordings daiIy before a tradn meeting gives me all the head space and develop I need. Your T.A is stunning, in spite of the fact that without the individual counseI from Allen Moritz with his daiIy trad ng signaIs I wouldn't have had the option to make all the benefit I did as such far. Undoubtedly its an extreme choice for both old and beginners whose intensions are simply to hodl and sell yet rather the possibilities of tradnBtc would permit you develop yourBtc not disapproving of the current value graph and furthermore saving your rear end from any future profound that may happen . I began tradn with Allen Moritz since before the end of last year and till date have made over 24BTC even with the good and bad times since the excursion . With Allen's assistance, I at this point don't need to stress over any Bitcoin value fall now or later on. You can undoubtedly get to Him on Ͳҽӏҽցɾąʍ (@AllenMoritz) and ω𝐇𝓐𝓽ѕ𝓐ρ𝐩 (+ 1 8 0 4 9 9 9 5 6 1 2) for the absolute best bits of knowledge in crypto exchanging.

  2. Uniswap’s UNI : ~ 6 billion mcap
    Sushiswap’s Sushi: ~ 2 billion mcap
    Pancakeswap’s Cake: ~ 400m mcap
    Honeyswap’s Honey: ~ 12m mcap

    Honey will convert to staking in next weeks & will be airdrop soon also!

  3. ORN — GOVI — BOTS — COTI — DOT — ETH — ADA — EGL. All winners my friends. I will be able to retire at the age of 29 at the end of this bull run🚀🚀🚀

  4. I got bulish when know that YFDAI preparing for another round of their new products and partnership. It's gonna be legit

  5. Can you look into OffShift please, ( Offshift ) Low Cap. its a cryptographically private offshore storage & DeFi protocol on Ethereum, and the first dual-sided public/private protocol to be built entirely on a public blockchain. Thanks Chico Cheers man

  6. Thank you buddy,not trying to be bias here but i click like on your vids before i have even consumed the content.
    I have not seen a single bad vid from U yet and I don't expect to.
    Excellent job as always.thank you buddy 🙂
    Keep safe 🙂

  7. I think Beefy (BIFI) on Binance smart chain can arrive up 33k in ten months. And AUTO on Binance smart chain Is new YFI, in only One month can replicate YFI but go up 60k. This token is projected for arrive at price of 100 ETH in only One year. What we bet

  8. I’m commenting so many YouTube videos and people just don’t listen. Look at Polkastarter! I started telling people about it when it was 0.30$ and it’s 5$ now! And I think it’s going to around 30-100£.

  9. Today (02.14.2021) 1 Bitcoin = 13,830 THETA tokens.
    In 2021 THETA comfortably hits $20.00. Only a 700% increase from today’s price keeping in mind that in the last 2 months it’s enjoyed a 900% increase.
    So 13,830 THETA tokens x $20.00 = $276,600.00
    So whats more likely? Bitcoin to $276,600.00 or Theta to $20.00? Go figure

  10. The "GREAT RESET" means you will live in a pod, eat bugs, own nothing and be happy. If you want to avoid that fate you need digital assets like XRP and 0xMonero… You are running out of time.

  11. How in the hell is Cardano bending the knee to Ethereum? I'm sick of Ethereum. It's no longer built for the small man. The gas fees are unsustainable. Cardano just partnered w/ SingularityNET and will soon release smart contract capabilities. I've listened to people FUD ADA for 2 years now and there is nothing but constant growth and partnership within that ecosystem. How many other blockchain founders do almost daily AMAs and updates? How many other blockchains go through the due diligent scientific practices and reviews that ADA does? I get you think Charles is a douche, but if your intent is to provide viewers with accurate information, than FUDing a well performing cryptocurrency negates that in some respect.

    I find it so odd that people dog on Cardano for being slow, yet ETH 2.0 hasn't provide concrete release dates and has taken years. Meanwhile the common everyday investor is forced to take losses because of ever increasing gas fees. I sense some cognitive dissonance amongst the ETH crowds.

  12. The Metamask issue in Brave seems to be caused by US based servers. Had the same issues and fixed it by switching VPN countries.

  13. If you are looking for a digital asset where you can make maximum profits from Bitcoin should be your top choice, presently higher investing in Bitcoin now is the wisest decision to make.

  14. Icon ICX is on of only a handful of Coins and Tokens that has a MASSIVE dedicated cast of holders, believers, supporters and some of the most intelligent project members. No other Coin/Token Runs Up like ICX. Once Coinbase and others begin to list ICX… omg, it will be a TOP 10 in every crypto chart. Samsung is working with ICX! Icon has HUGE Companies and institutions partnered. How the price is below $10 is unreal.

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