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  1. plural of circus
    • 1867, Westropp, Hodder M., Handbook of Archæology, web page 73:

      Naumachiæ.—Naumachiæ have been mock naval engagements. This type of spectacle was loved by the Romans. The Naumachiæ usually passed off within the circi and amphitheatres.

    • 1871, Burn, Robert, Rome and the Campagna: An Historic and Topographical Description of the Website, Buildings, and Neighbourhood of Historical Rome, web page lxvi:

      The opposite circi of Rome weren’t equal in grandeur to the Circus Maximus.

    • 1990 September 7, Joseph Brennan, “Re: Circus Practice”, in rec.railroad, Usenet, message-ID <>:

      There are two circuses (circi ?), the pink and blue, that is why there are two trains. They do not make an enormous deal of getting two reveals, but it surely’s not a secret both. Within the shade posters you possibly can normally detect which one is coming to city from the colours. I feel in lots of locations the place the circus comes yearly, they alternate the 2 reveals each different yr.

    • 1995 June 24, james j champoux, “circus parts in movies?”, in rec.arts.motion pictures, Usenet, message-ID :

      I’m doing a analysis undertaking and wish to see if anybody on the market will help me. Circus parts in movies. I’m attempting to establish as many movies as doable that include circuses (circi?) both as metaphor or subject material.

    • 1997 September 29, Crimson, “Re: Home Republicans”, in alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater, Usenet, message-ID :

      McCain is attempting to go marketing campaign finance reform that places a authorities bueaurocracy[sic] accountable for our elections. Not simply the presidential circus however all of the little circi throughout the fruited plain.
    • 1998 August 22, Bryan Okay, “Circuses”, in uk.native.north-wales, Usenet, message-ID <6rmj9j$i1s$>:

      I used to be simply questioning if anybody on the market had been to one in every of these circuses (circi?) and what they considered it.

    • 1999 August 4, ligh…, “Re: Don’t need it that method.”, in misc.writing, Usenet, message-ID <7o7q07$afh$>:

      It sounds to me (discover the auditory tie-in) such as you’re simply gonna should powerful it out till the younger’ns[sic] run away and be a part of the circus otherwise you lose your listening to, whichever comes first. Or, after all, YOU may run away and be a part of the circus however circuses (circi?) have worse music than you are listening to now.
    • 2001 Could 21, Seldiy B, “Anybody need some Zippo’s circus tickets (Wallington, Croydon, Surrey) for Friday”, in uk.rec.competitions, Usenet, message-ID :

      In case anybody is within the least , I’ve two tickets for Zippos Circus, Beddington Park, Croydon Highway (A232). Every one admits 2 adults BUT “on buy of 1 £three memento brochure”. It needs to be for Friday, so if anybody desires one or each, e mail me along with your deal with and I will publish them on to you – or draw if a number of peeps (which I doubt!) / Personally I detest circi, however I assume you probably have youngsters they could benefit from the clowns larking about.

    • 2001 July 6, Klaas Bil, “Re: Unicycle synonyms”, in, Usenet, message-ID <>:

      I do not know what precisely you imply by normal. EENWIELFIETS is finest understood by most of the people, as a result of EENWIELER may very well be interpreted as a broader time period, to incorporate pizza cutters, curvimeters or generally something with however one wheel. EENWIELER, alternatively, is probably the most used time period in circles of unicyclists, no less than those I’m a part of. Amazingly, my Dutch dictionary (Van Dale complete version 1976) provides neither time period. CIRCUSFIETS can be not included, rightfully so IMHO; it appears to be simply used (often) as a result of it reminds folks of circuses (circi?).

    • 2003 November 20, Jim Polaski, “Re: Apple points safety fixes and Java 1.4.1 for 10.2.8 – matter closed for Whineboy”, in comp.sys.mac.advocacy, Usenet, message-ID :

      I must suppose it was the Ringling Circus, however they’re right here in Chicago and we all know he isn’t right here. / Perhaps its a kind of little, child circi that go right here and there with one tent.

    • 2005 January 7, Norman, “Re: Completely satisfied New 12 months”, in soc.tradition.south-africa, Usenet, message-ID <>:

      Have you ever seen that, usually talking, the one folks nonetheless smoking are the much less nicely off? Maybe Nero & the remainder simply used human nature when giving the folks their circus (circi?)

    • 2008 April 13, Douglas A. Tutty, “Re: [Totally OT] Re: Hmmm. A query. Was [Re: Debian is losing its users]”, in linux.debian.consumer, Usenet, message-ID :

      > >>>> I beloved Flying Circus! / > >>> No, you did not! / > >> Effectively, now you are simply contradicting. / > > No, he isn’t! / > Sure, I’m! / When you could also be, he says your[sic] usually are not, but if you’re not then you definately can’t be to argue that you’re, and his arguement[sic] involves naught. Whereas one can argue that one other just isn’t, by his very declaration, the opposite declares themselves to be. / As to flying circi, whereas the material is held aloft by poles and include the warmth of the enclosed, and their gaseous eminations,[sic] but the pegs which maintain the partitions upright and preserve the wind from intruding, conspire to affix firmly the circus to the bottom. Ergo, no flying. / Subsequently, if circi don’t fly, you could possibly not have beloved it.



circi f

  1. plural of circe




  1. nominative plural of circus
  2. genitive singular of circus
  3. vocative plural of circus

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