E58: Where and what to buy to make $1k/week on eBay! w/ store examples @10konthebay

E58: Where and what to buy to make $1k/week on eBay! w/ store examples @10konthebay

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  1. I see u were selling a Coach bag. How do u get around the Vero crap. Every time I list a known name brand I get Veroed. Even if I take my own pictures and just getting rid of stuff in my closet. I just got Veroed from Calvin Klein and they are not even in the VERO program. It happened after 2 days when I had already sold that one item. These people are despicable. And I was reported by one of their distributors. I don’t want to lose my account on name brands so I stick to mostly unbranded

  2. I am new to eBay selling.But what I am thinking is it is easy to get 200 item of $5 profits, it is hard to make sure they are sold in a week.

  3. How do you make profit with the fila shoes selling for $20 minus 12% ebay and PayPal fee minus shipping fee minus $10 bought it from Costco?

  4. I would be down to invest on a flip, tuition for kids is no joke! I have access to capital if needed, I just never know what to do so I am constantly buying stuff at thrift stores or bulq boxes and not doing my money justice.

  5. Quick question anyone out there ever have a customer state that an Apple product that is Factory sealed which is, headphone adapter, they received the package open the box and nothing was inside? Unbelievable this just happened to me I will post their name later but I'm curious to know has this ever happened because they are trying to take money from eBay sellers is what I believe I've already sold two others before this last transaction of the same product.

  6. Just my observation.. This video was made over 2 years ago. Your ebay store – thelowkeyhusky shows total completed sales of 165 as of today 7/10/2019 and most of them are well below $100. …. This video is — Where and what to buy to make $1k/week on eBay! ……….. Your store results seem to contradict what you are teaching. .. Can you explain?

  7. You don't have to wait 21 days if you use tracking.

    You upload tracking to ebay, and you will get your money within 12 hours of the item being delivered.

    It took me 1 month of consistent 100-500$ days to get the 21 day thing lifted on low risk categories.
    Took me 3 months of doing 4-5k a month sales on ebay to get the 21 day thing lifted in high risk.

    Everything I do on ebay on 2 stores is instant payment now. How? I do 4k + a month on both stores. I ship everything and I mean EVERYTHING with in 24 hours. Even its just "marking item as shipped" which I only do after I have boxed or stuffed (if using bubble mailer, poly mailer, or envelope). I use tracking on everything 10$ and higher.

    If I can't afford 2.75 media on a 10$ item its not worth selling. I've shipped over 1000 items media mail and never had a single postage due. I never ship large items media, and usually box them in a book sized box and put that in a bubble mailer. You can also ship anything under 1lb first class for cheaper than priority.

    Yes I've had several "item other than described, and not authentic returns" This is just people that want their money back and don't want to ask for it, or people trying to get stuff for free. Never fight this because its a good chance they will get it free (ebay wont make them ship it back if you decline it). Just eat the return and relist the item. Try to accept returns within 1 day at the most.

    If you do the right things (good customer service) and you sell enough, and don't cancel orders, you will get the 21 day thing lifted fairly fast.

  8. I sent you an email inquiring about help with my eBay account. I’m just trying to comment somewhere to be sure that you got it

  9. How do you know when to get a store? How much should I be selling or listing before I get a store? I have 85 items listed so far. Is getting a store a good idea for me at this point?

  10. Can you go over how to actually price items? There is cost + profit + shipping + PP/Ebay fees = price. Is that how to do it? Please do a number of different item types

  11. Hey Mike, I'm confused about starting a "seller's account" or an. "eBay store"? …. which should i do first? I plan on printing custom tshirts from home and listing them on ebay. Thanks in advance 🙂

  12. I have a question… If they have you in PayPal jail, do they not release any of your money, or are they holing a portion? I would find it difficult to pay for shipping if they won't give me access to my money.

  13. I’m selling stuff in my house to get things started. Still trying to figure it out. I’m going to get my shipping process down before I explore other selling platforms.

  14. Hello. Just found your channel and I am so appreciative of the knowledge you are sharing. Props man. I had one question I was hoping you could answer… Do you post the same items across multiple selling platforms?poshmark, ebay, mercari, depop….. Whether or not you use all or some.. do you post the same products across?? Thanks in advance

  15. Your content is so helpful! Towards the end of the video you mention that when you bought your pal pancakes how he taught you how to use gift cards. Do you have any other videos where you expound on that? Would love to hear more about that topic. Thanks and you're amazing!

  16. PayPal jail? What I do is email the buyer and tell them to please leave feedback right away because PayPal is holding your money. I found almost all the buyers will do the feedback as soon as they get the item (That's a few days from purchase) and there's even a few buyers that will give feedback as soon as they get the email. Anyway, this is what works for me when I open a new store. S B

  17. So I have been selling on eBay off & on for years and have always been in and out of thrift stores never once seeing the GOLD right in front of my eyes, I concentrate on selling high end new TOOLS now and buy strictly by the pallet and am looking to get my 1st truckload in a few weeks, alot of upfront $$$$.

    Having lived next to a Buy by the Pound outlet I cant believe I missed the opportunity staring me right in the face, now Im in Atlanta and they dont even have the Buy by the Pound outlets here!!! Im so mad b/c I also lived right next to a upscale thrift store (million dollar community) that only carried high end labels in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in my city. Welp thats not here in Atlanta either… 🙁

    But you have given me so many ideas on branching out into other directions and not just selling tools – much appreciated !!!

    Did I mention how much I <3 your vids ? : D Thanks for all the quality content!!!!!!

  18. You are the man. I'm getting started and selling basically everything I own. Your knowledge is powerful and bless your amazing soul brother!

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