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A mid-1970s {photograph} of a lady on a seaside sporting flares (sense 5) or bell-bottom denims

Origin unknown, first recorded within the mid 16th century, most likely associated to Latin flagrō (I burn). Norwegian flara (to blaze; to flaunt in gaudy apparel) has an identical which means, however the English phrase predates it. Probably associated to Center Excessive German vlederen (to flutter), represented by trendy German flattern.[1]

The noun is derived from the verb.[2]



flare (plural flares)

  1. A sudden vivid mild.
  2. A supply of brightly burning mild or intense warmth.
    • 1876 January 28, “Japanese Consulate Basic, Shanghai. Earlier than E. Shinagawa, Esq., Consul-Basic. Jan. 22, 1876. Capt. Roper v. Mitsu Bishi Mail S.S. Co.”, in The Japan Mail. A Fortnightly Abstract of Intelligence from Japan, [], quantity VII, quantity 9, Yokohama: Printed and printed for the proprietor by H. Collins, [], printed 25 April 1876, OCLC 42521218, web page 248, column 1:

      I used to be wanting within the course of the lightship on and off from the time we first sighted her. I couldn’t be mistaken in such a matter as a flare-up mild. By a flare-up mild I imply a big vivid mild waved within the air, one thing like a torch dipped in resin and waved about. I’m ready to say that any one that has sworn that she shewed a flare-up mild from the lightship whereas the Kanagawa Maru was passing has perjured himself.

    • 1913 December 13, “The Inquest Resumed. [Captain Froggatt’s Report.]”, in The North-China Herald and Supreme Courtroom & Consular Gazette: The Weekly Version of the North-China Every day Information, quantity CIX (New Collection), quantity 2418, Shanghai: Printed and printed for the proprietors, The North-China Every day Information & Herald, Ltd., [], OCLC 662525861, web page 807, column 2:

      [T]he ahead deck close to the home was all saturated with spilt oil and there was a amount of oakum mendacity about, a few of which presumably had been used for flares or misery indicators.

    • 1926, Edwin S. George, “African Nights”, in Cairo to Cape: 4 Afoot by way of Africa, New York, N.Y.: The Knickerbocker Press, OCLC 6902222, web page 195:

      We made a film image by way of flares, the sensible mild startling the blacks, however their shock rapidly gave approach to enthusiasm,—simply one other of the white bwana’s magic powers.

    • 2012 March, A. F. Kowalski; S. L. Hawley; J. A. Holtzmann; J. P. Wisniewski; E. J. Hilton, “The A number of Continuum Elements within the White-light Flare of 16 January 2009 on the dM4.5e Star YZ CMi”, in Photo voltaic Physics, quantity 277, #1, DOI:10.1007/s11207-011-9839-x, web page 21; republished in Yuhong Fan and George Fisher, editors, Photo voltaic Flare Magnetic Fields and Plasmas, New York, N.Y.; Dordrecht: Springer, 2012, →ISBN, summary, web page 21:

      The white mild throughout M dwarf flares has lengthy been identified to exhibit the broadband form of a T ≈ 10 000 Okay blackbody, and the white mild in solar-flares is believed to come up primarily from hydrogen recombination. But, a present lack of broad-wavelength protection photo voltaic flare spectra within the optical/near-UV area prohibits a direct comparability of the continuum properties to find out if they’re certainly so totally different. New spectroscopic observations of a secondary flare in the course of the decay of a megaflare on the dM4.5e star YZ CMi have revealed a number of elements within the white-light continuum of stellar flares, together with each a blackbody-like spectrum and a hydrogen-recombination spectrum.

    1. A kind of pyrotechnic that produces an excellent mild with out an explosion, used to draw consideration in an emergency, to light up an space, or as a decoy.

      Flares have been used to steer the site visitors away from the accident.

      The flares attracted the heat-seeking missiles.

      • 1946, Clayton Knight, The Quest of the Golden Condor, New York, N.Y.: Alfred A. Knopf, OCLC 1686491, web page 262:

        Stowed away within the aircraft Jack had a sign pistol and several other crimson and inexperienced cartridges, however till a search aircraft appeared the flares can be ineffective.

      • 2009, James Fleming, chapter 55, in Chilly Blood, London: Jonathan Cape, →ISBN; republished London: Classic Books, 2010, →ISBN, web page 262:

        Whereas he was placing on the snowplough, the Whites shot up a flare to see what was taking place. It floated above us like a fizzing star on the finish of a tiny white petal of a parachute. We threw ourselves down, in between the rails, in there with the canine shit.

    2. (oil trade) A flame produced by a burn-off of waste gasoline (flare gasoline) from a flare tower (or flare stack), usually at an oil refinery.
      • 2013, David Brennan, “Identification of Waste in Utility Programs”, in Sustainable Course of Engineering: Ideas, Methods, Analysis, and Implementation, Singapore: Pan Stanford Publishing, →ISBN, half B (Methods), part 6.8 (Flare Stacks), web page 122:

        Flare stacks are utilized in gasoline vegetation, petroleum refineries, and petrochemical vegetation to combust surplus hydrocarbons to provide combustion merchandise which might be neither poisonous nor flamable. Flares continuously incorporate a liquid-gas separator on the base of the stack and steam assisted burner nozzles on the prime of the stack to assist full combustion.

  3. (figuratively) A sudden eruption or outbreak; a flare-up.
    • 2013, Susan Rowen James; Kristine Ann Nelson; Jean Weiler Ashwill, “The Little one with Main Alterations in Tissue Integrity”, in Nursing Care of Youngsters: Precept & Observe, 4th version, St. Louis: Elsevier Saunders, →ISBN, unit IV (Caring for Youngsters with Well being Issues), web page 631, column 2:

      Antiinflammatory corticosteroid lotions and ointments are prescribed for infected or lichenified areas. These lotions are simpler when utilized to damp pores and skin. The bottom efficiency that controls indicators needs to be used, and topical steroids are often reserved for therapy of episodic flares.

  4. A widening of an object with an in any other case roughly fixed width.

    Throughout meeting of a flare tube becoming, a flare nut is used to safe the flared tubing’s tapered finish to the additionally tapered becoming, producing a pressure-resistant, leak-tight seal.

    That’s a real early 70’s flare on these pants.

    • 1917 February 15, “The New York Information to Trend’s Course”, in Vogue, quantity 49, quantity 4, New York, N.Y.: The Vogue Firm, OCLC 906145997, web page 45:

      That silhouette which is at current into consideration, the much-talked-of “barrel,” seems in a Bulloz swimsuit of tough white woolen materials stitched with blue cotton thread; each on the skirt and coat the flare is considerably decrease than is common with flares.

    • 2003, Timothy D[avid] Noakes, Lore of Working, 4th version, Champaign, Ailing.: Human Kinetics, →ISBN, web page 270:

      The flare on the within of the shoe resists ankle pronation; []

  5. (within the plural) Bell-bottom trousers.
    • 1991 September 15, Ruth La Ferla, “Subsequent weave”, in The New York Instances Journal[1], archived from the unique on 20 August 2018:

      Within the early 1970’s, a giddy epoch in males’s trend, when denim flares and platform oxfords have been the periphery of fashion, Giorgio Armani made a swimsuit that stretched. Imbued with spandex, the elastic fiber that offers a material further bounce, the swimsuit was one of many first in an extended line of improvements that might finally make Armani as acquainted a model as Kleenex.
    • 2012, Daniel Miller, “Why Denim?”, in Consumption and Its Penalties, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire; Malden, Mass.: Polity Press, →ISBN, web page 94:

      As an adolescent I hitch-hiked round free rock live shows, sporting flowered shirts and denim flares – denims that have been worn a lot, in such tough situations, and with so little consideration to washing and care that after some time they grew to become naturally abraded and frayed in simply the style that’s simulated by commerce immediately.

  6. (aviation) The transition from downward flight to degree flight simply earlier than touchdown.

    The captain executed the flare completely, and we evenly touched down.

    • 2018, Trevor M. Younger, “Strategy and Touchdown”, in Performnce of the Jet Transport Airplane: Evaluation Strategies, Flight Operations, and Laws, Hoboken, N.J.; Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons, →ISBN, part 11.2.2 (Touchdown Flare), web page 285:

      In regular operations, the speed of descent (or sink fee) will probably be roughly fixed because the airplane approaches the runway. The target of the flare is to cut back the vertical velocity to an acceptably low worth on the time when contact is made with the bottom. [] Usually, the airplane will decelerate a little bit within the flare and the landing velocity will probably be about Three to five kt lower than the velocity on the display top [].

  7. (baseball) A low fly ball that’s hit within the area between the infielders and the outfielders.
    Synonyms: blooper, Texas leaguer

    Jones hits a little bit flare to left that falls for a single.

    • 2008, Mark Gola, “Character”, in Baseball’s Sixth Software: Taking part in the Psychological Sport to Get the Aggressive Edge, New York, N.Y.: McGraw-Hill, DOI:10.1036/0071545158, →ISBN, web page 7:

      An observant base runner checks the outfield protection and simply goes from first to 3rd when the batter hits a flare to proper subject. A base runner who doesn’t observe the depth of the outfield should flip to look at the ball, see it drop, after which run. He most likely does not make it to 3rd base.

  8. (American soccer) A route run by the working again, releasing towards the sideline after which barely arcing upfield searching for a brief move.
  9. (images) Brief for lens flare.
    • 1874 October 23, “On Sure Defects in Mixture Panorama Lenses”, in The British Journal of Pictures, quantity XXI, quantity 755, London: Henry Greenwood, [], OCLC 920440998, web page 515, column 1:

      The defect in query is the flare which continuously arises from the usage of compound lenses when there’s a very vivid object in entrance, leading to a ghost-like picture of that object being thrown upon the plate. If the picture of the article thus duplicated be in focus we designate it a “ghost;” if out of focus we name it “flare.”

  10. An irritation equivalent to of tendons (tendonitis) or joints (osteoarthritis).
    Synonym: flare-up
  11. A breakdance transfer of somebody helicoptering his torso on alternating arms.


Derived phrases[edit]


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flare (third-person singular easy current flares, current participle flaring, easy previous and previous participle flared)

  1. (transitive) To trigger to burn.
    • 2008, “Going Inexperienced: The Nation is Eager to Enhance Its Environmental Credentials”, in The Report: Qatar 2008, [s.l.]: Oxford Enterprise Group, →ISBN, marginal observe, web page 247:

      Qatar joined the World Financial institution’s International Gasoline Flaring Discount programme in early 2008, indicating its dedication to lowering the method of flaring the gasoline discovered with oil deposits.

    • 2012, John Fisk, “October Fifth; Saturday”, in Monk’s Hood, [Bloomington, Ind.]: Xlibris, →ISBN, e-book 2 (Comes the Demon), web page 229:

      Attempting to attract a breath flared the strain on his chest into searing agony.

    • 2013 April, Blair L. Pollock, “Doing New Issues”, in Lyle Estill, editor, Small Tales Large Adjustments: Brokers of Change on the Frontlines of Sustainability, Gabriola Island, B.C.: New Society Publishers, →ISBN, web page 147:

      One time I used to be working with the Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) on fueling their fleet, and I used to be shocked to see them flaring the methane at their wastewater facility.

  2. (transitive) To trigger irritation; to inflame.
    • 2015, Theresa A. Chiaia; Miho J. Tanaka; Christopher S. Ahmad, “[Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries and Sternoclavicular Joint Injuries] Nonoperative Rehabilitation of Clavicular Fractures”, in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation of the Athlete: Getting Again within the Sport, Philadelphia, Pa.: Elsevier Saunders, →ISBN, web page 383, column 1:

      Satisfactory relaxation is integrated into higher extremity coaching program in order to not flare the joint.

  3. (transitive, intransitive) To open outward in form.

    The cat flared its nostrils whereas sniffing on the air. (transitive)

    The cat’s nostrils flared when it sniffed on the air. (intransitive)

    The constructing flared from the third by way of the seventh flooring to occupy the airspace over the doorway plaza. (intransitive)

    The edges of a bowl flare. (intransitive)

    • 1871 Might 30, Edward T. Smith; Joseph S. Winston, Enchancment in Units for Making Ends of Burial-cases[2], US Patent 115,536, web page 3:

      We declare as our invention—The inflexible components G and H′, and versatile half H with screws I, for forcibly working when the components are flared, as represented, and the strap H is drawn obliquely inward or collectively on the sides, in order to press all of the floor of the bent and flared casket finish, as herein set forth.

    • 1872 December 20, Joseph A. Shephard, Enchancment in Pitman Connections[3], US Patent 140,312, web page 2, column 2:

      That portion of mentioned wrist eye past the pitman kinds a cylindrical orifice, e, which, in direction of its different finish, regularly flares outward, as at e′.

    • 1915 Might, “What They Put on in Vainness Honest: From High to Toe of the Parisienne”, in Frank Crowninshield, editor, Vainness Honest, quantity 4, quantity 3, New York, N.Y.: Vainness Honest Publishing Firm, OCLC 423870134, web page 67, column 3:

      In every single place one sees the shirt, buttoned up the entrance to the highest of a decent collar, which both flares up all of a sudden beneath the ears or droops dejectedly to the shoulders.

    • 2012, Paula Graves, chapter 13, in Secret Project, Don Mills, Ont.: Harlequin Enterprises, →ISBN, web page 150:

      Damon’s nostrils flared, the one signal of anger he confirmed. The signal of knowledgeable.

  4. (transitive, intransitive, aviation) To (function an plane to) transition from downward flight to degree flight simply earlier than touchdown.
    • 2012, Wil Johnson, chapter 6, in Revenge and Restoration, [Bloomington, Ind.]: Xlibris, →ISBN, web page 35:

      After a quick refueling cease in Fairbanks, Billy continued on to the cabin. As he flared the Huey [a helicopter] to land, he might see Moses working out of the cabin to greet him
    • 2013 Might 31, Steve Grizzle, “As Flight Teacher”, in The three ‘P’ Man: Memoirs of a Excellent Life Journey: A Preacher, a Pilot, and a Police Officer All in One Particular person, Bloomington, Ind.: iUniverse, →ISBN, pages 71–72:

      I had one teacher that referred to as and mentioned he had tried all the things to solo his pupil however the man simply could not get the image of what was anticipated. One time across the airport the scholar would flare the airplane twenty toes within the air, and the subsequent time round he would fly the nostril into the bottom. [] He both flared out very excessive, or did not flare out in any respect.

  5. (intransitive) To blaze brightly.

    The blast furnace flared within the night time.

    • 1802, Joanna Baillie, “Ethwald: A Tragedy, in 5 Acts. Half Second.”, in A Collection of Performs: Wherein It’s Tried to Delineate the Stronger Passions of the Thoughts. [], quantity II, London: Printed for T[homas] Cadell, Jun. and W[illiam] Davies, [], OCLC 926850714, Act V, scene v, web page 351:

      Thou rear’st thy stately neck, / And, whereas I checklist, thou flarest in males’s eyes / A beautiful queen; []

    • 1846 June, “Anthologia Germanica, No. XXII. Uhland’s Ballads.”, in The Dublin College Journal, a Literary and Political Journal, quantity XXVII, quantity CLXII, Dublin: James McGlashan, []; London: W[illiam] S[omerville] Orr and Firm, OCLC 949553349, web page 678:

      And when Slaughter and Pillage start to tire, / Excessive flareth crimson Fireplace! / How he roars and hisses and flashes! / His frenzy quickly turns / The proud pile to a mass of gray ashes, []

    • 1850, Charles Mackay, “Fashionable Follies in Nice Cities”, in Memoirs of Extraordinary Fashionable Delusions, quantity I, Philadelphia, Pa.: Lindsay and Blackiston, OCLC 6807516, web page 218:

      This phrase was “Flare up!” and it’s, even now, a colloquialism in widespread use. It took its rise within the time of the Reform riots, when Bristol was practically half burned by the infuriated populace. The flames have been mentioned to have flared up within the devoted metropolis.

    • 1860, R[obert] W[ilson] Evans, “XV. Christian Battle.”, in Every day Hymns, London: Joseph Masters, [], OCLC 7520520, web page 38:

      Now spent night time her watchers spareth, / Now the solar’s vivid banner flareth, / Now morn’s gale day’s trump is blowing.

    • 1887, H. Rider Haggard, She: A Historical past of Journey[4]:

      On he went a number of paces and touched a second, then a 3rd, and a fourth, until finally we have been surrounded on all three sides by an ideal ring of our bodies flaring furiously, the fabric with which they have been preserved having rendered them so inflammable that the flames would actually spout out of the ears and mouth in tongues of fireside a foot or extra in size.

  6. (intransitive) To shine out with a sudden and unsteady mild; to emit a blinding or painfully vivid mild.

    The candle flared in a sudden draught.

    • 1850 March 9, “The Candle”, in The Working Man’s Good friend, and Household Teacher, quantity I, quantity 10, London: Printed and printed by John Cassell, [], OCLC 1770110, web page 302, column 2:

      The substance to which all widespread flames owe their brightness is finely-divided charcoal. [] Of this formation of charcoal the proof is clear each time a candle flares and smokes; for the unburnt charcoal quickly collects within the higher a part of the flame, and if not eliminated is apt to fall into the cup of the candle, the place it kinds a form of second wick, quickly melting away the tallow, and disfiguring the candle, []

  7. (intransitive, figuratively) To shine out with gaudy colors; to be offensively vivid or showy.
    • c. 1597, William Shakespeare,  [] [T]he Merrie Wiues of Windsor. [] (First Quarto), London: [] T[homas] C[reede] for Arthur Ihonson, [], printed 1602, OCLC 670741489, [Act IV, scene vi]:

      [B]y a gown of white, the which ſhe weares, / With ribones pendant flaring bout her head, / I ſhalbe ſure to know her, []

    • 1850, N. J. H., “To a Sister on Attaining the Age of Twenty-one”, in F[rancis] W[illiam] Newman, editor, A Assortment of Poetry for the Observe of Elocution. [], London: Taylor, Walton, and Maberly, [], OCLC 84942759, web page 32:

      Wealth’s golden key displayeth she, / And robes of state she weareth, / And the jewell’d star of excessive diploma, / Repair’d at her bosom flareth.

  8. (intransitive, figuratively) To all of a sudden occur or intensify.
    Synonym: flare up
    • 1851 October, J[ames] D[avenport] W[helpley], “The ‘Hyperion’ of John Keats”, in The American Whig Evaluate, quantity XIII, quantity LXXXII (quantity VIII, quantity IV (New Collection)), New York, N.Y.: Printed at 120 Nassau Avenue; John A. Grey, printer, [], OCLC 950903178, web page 312, column 1:

      The genius of the poet [John Keats] flares up, dies out, and flares once more, as if there have been a dearth of gasoline to feed it; and by this fault, greater than every other, he’s eliminated out of the category of nice poets, and occupies however the second rank.
  9. (intransitive, figuratively) To all of a sudden erupt in anger.
    Synonym: flare up
    • 1981, Sharon M. W. Bass, “Years of Problem”, in For the Bushes: An Illustrated Historical past of the Ozark–St. Francis Nationwide Forests, 1908–1978, [Atlanta, Ga.?]: U.S. Division of Agriculture, Forest Service, Southern Area, OCLC 8042668, web page 123:

      Probably the most heated intervals occurred in 1965 when the Forest Service determined forest lands might now not tolerate unrestricted grazing by livestock, particularly hogs. [] Discover went out to native residents, and the next 12 months, 1966, Forest Service personnel started trapping hogs grazing in trespass. Each hog house owners and cattlemen have been offended. Tempers flared, and so did the fires. The variety of incendiary fires elevated and it appears cheap to imagine some relationship between the 2 occasions.

  10. (intransitive, out of date) To be uncovered to an excessive amount of mild.
    • a. 1722, Matthew Prior, “Hans Carvel”, in The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior [], quantity I, London: [] W[illiam] Strahan, [], printed 1779, OCLC 491256769, web page 124:

      [] I [Satan] can not ſtay / Flaring in ſun-ſhine all of the day: / For, entre nous, we helliſh ſprites, / Love extra the freſco of the nights; []


Derived phrases[edit]



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  1. (astronomy) photo voltaic flare





  1. current lively infinitive of flō
  2. second-person singular current passive crucial of flō
  3. second-person singular current passive indicative of flō

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