Is now a bad time to buy a MacBook?

Is now a bad time to buy a MacBook?

With Apple Silicon right here and a brand new era of 2021 redesigned MacBooks on the way in which, is now a nasty time to purchase a brand new MacBook? Let’s speak about it

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  1. There's actually a reason to buy the 16" Intel MBP still: compatibility.

    Some Thunderbolt audio interfaces are not working properly or at all on the new M1 Macs, and if you are still using an older audio interface you would want to stick with the Intel Macs.

  2. Safe to BUY? Dude, If you need a new Mac, buy it you have a 2 week return period. There's also allot of video's for developers, just have to look through. Your an analyst Luke?

  3. This has probably been mentioned somewhere in the previous 708 comments. I see a face in the textured wall behind you. An Easter Island statue face. In the flickering light area. I can’t unsee it now. 🙂

  4. If Apple makes a product that is wildly successful they will create expensive versions of it like they did with iPads and AirPods and iphones. Expect to see a beefed up mini and MacBook Air. They could have replaced the current models with those but this being Apple they will slap pro on it and charge more instead of upgrading the current ones to the new ones. Which they should do because the line is due for redesigns. But Apple being Apple, they’ll call it something new and charge more.

  5. U can still put windows 95 on your mac download hp usb format tool extract the 95 boot disk too usb add mbr from your boot disk too flash drive set cdrom settings too your internal mac burner use fdisk format c boot setup from cd rom drive run setup take usb out of computer secess its now running setup from DVD drive finish install now windows 95 is on your Mac instead of Mac os

  6. The lamp is a bit too close to the wall. It's lights shining on the wall looks washed out due to overexposure. I love the setup though, and I know I'm being nit picky. It just means you did great overall!

  7. Similar cooling system to the 16 inch MacBook Pro – hope it doesn't sound like it! Lil bit of reverberation which I'm sure will be improved as looking great so far.

  8. New look is great; just need to pull the camera position/zoom back a bit, and get slightly more headroom. You always had good balance with that in your basement space! 👍🎥

  9. The floor lamp is too close to the back wall and all 4 lights should be lit. The set is nice and I'm sure you will refine it over time. Content-wise, this feels like an about-face.

    I'd rather hear a solution reflecting if you MUST buy a laptop now, today, what makes the most sense considering what is coming. A better perspective for me. When you move into 'new' products, I think you forget some of the perspective you bring covering the old bargain "barn-finds" that drew me to your channel. YMMV.

  10. Luke how do you feel about the backdrop matching your skin tone? For me it feels a bit strange in a flat 2D way. I think about classic unbox therapy the way Lou would use that soft dark gray to provide depth and contrast with a lighter skin tone. On the other hand we'll probably get used to whatever you decide to run with as far as a set.

  11. If you’re the type to buy a macbook pro 16, it’s a bad time. If you’re the type to buy a macbook air, the last 3 months has been the best ever time to buy

  12. Holding onto my 15 inch MacBook Pro 2014, need to upgrade as I’m using it daily for video editing and it’s getting sluggish now. I don’t want to buy the M1 MacBook Pro as it’s only got 16GB ram and doesn’t have dedicated GPU, I’m one of those people WHO NEED TO WAIT! I will make do with my 2014 MacBook Pro for next few months until some new Macs are released…

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