LIVE: Blackjack!! Part 2!! $1500 Buy-in!! Part 2

LIVE: Blackjack!! Part 2!! $1500 Buy-in!! Part 2


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  1. This is the first time I can recall that Sarah sounded a bit down, a little pissed off even on this steam, doesn't help when certain things don't go your way – human after all, still an entertaining stream.

  2. Sarah, you take the hits when I would, they have been shown to offer the best odds overall, also double down when I would. I think you do a lot better at baccarat, bet the dealer and run a good streak adding $100 on a win and keeping the amount below like you did the other day, that was the best I ever saw you do at a table game, and the odds are better than slots.

  3. My god, 🥲you gonna throw it all your Canadian money 💰 in middle of the Las Vegas 🐪 desert 🐪. Please, be careful.

  4. Stats:
    Hands Played (+/-3)- 212
    Sarah- 97
    House- 104
    Push- 11
    Double Down- 30
    Double Down won- 17
    Sarah- 40
    House- 37
    Black Jacks:
    Sarah- 8
    House- 6
    Side bets hit- 7
    Soul Crusher Hands: 20 (!)
    5 card 19- 2
    4 card 21- 2
    4 card 20-2
    4 card 18- 2
    3 card 21- 8 (!)
    3 card 20- 4+
    Good hands ( all part 2)@ 2:50, 6:15,41:25
    Sarah starts singing- 14:00 ( I think she wins more the more she sings?)
    "I don't eat, I get all my energy from the Sun's rays."@ 23:00
    Lively interaction with Chatroom starts after that.
    Sarah said Sour- 1 (!)

  5. How do you know when you have fallen down the Slotlady Rabbit Hole? When you care about what year the half dollars are from. Look forward to the day when they hand you one and it's from the Civil War Era.

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