Master P wants to buy Reebok, it's going to be difficult - The Dr Boyce Breakdown

Master P wants to buy Reebok, it's going to be difficult – The Dr Boyce Breakdown

Grasp P needs to purchase Reebok, it should be troublesome – The Dr Boyce Breakdown

I used to be requested about Grasp P wanting to purchase Reebok, so I believed I’d give some evaluation on the difficulty. Grasp P seems to be a wise man with a robust concentrate on black economics. That’s why I’m glad to see him transferring ahead with Reebok.

However whereas I am glad to see #MasterP making important strikes, I’m involved concerning the highway forward. #Reebok is a troubled firm that has had important monetary points for fairly some time. So, the query is whether or not or not Grasp P and Baron Davis can deliver one thing to the desk that hasn’t been introduced earlier than. That is what’s going to make the distinction on this deal.

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  1. Hate to come across as negative but, if a powerhouse like Adidas didn't do well with Reebok, how is Baron & p going to??

  2. All these socalled black business people or business moves are just symbols of hope… Hope is what keeps people in the game…

  3. Its alot of better things that Master P could buy for $3.8Billion. Thats like Byron Allen buying all these channels without a distribution network…

  4. Boyce, tell these people the truth. Master P & Baron Davis don't have the money to buy Reebok. There's a lot we're not being told about loans and secret white investors. And do u know who one of the bidders are for the purchase? J.P. Morgan bank. Stop the frauding y'all

  5. I pray Master P doesn't end up in prison like Bill Cosby or dead like Kobe Bryant, because the White man fears the Black man's rise to financial and political power in the USA.

  6. Hey Doc love the channel (Thumbs UP) but I have to disagree on the Jay Z analysis….They were going to buy out black neighbors with or without Jay Z
    .. evidence is gentrification all over America Jay's name was a win for himself but also a win for black businessman (Hip Hop specifically) NOW being mentioned in a serious conversation OF MAKING MAJOR MOVES…. And also an opportunity for black people to get behind these black-owned businesses

  7. Master P has rich friends, he can do that deal easy but I believe he will be blocked by Nike. Adidas has been doing so well since Kanye joined them that they neglected Reebok, it's a great company that needs attention. If Reginald Lewis was alive he would buy it.

  8. He should want invest into BIG Baller Brand lol. But damn I thought Reebok were on the market, but they are not! I’m actually shocked at this

  9. Black Wall Street in The House…I believe the Company will thrive because People Love Master P. This is A Power Move with A Household Name…This Speak Volumes in The Black Community.

  10. Whose gonna manufacture, design and transport the product? Not black ppl lmao. Another black millionaire going to other groups for product and branding it black to make sales. If the company offers opportunity roles outside of consumerism, right on. If not, the difference between paying for a nike or reebok is inconsequential for blk folk.

  11. I hope P put a stop to releasing all those damn Allen Iverson's. And don't make the new Reebok's look like the Monyatii or whatever they're called.

  12. Now get Mineral Mining Companies then you will be POWERFUL. People can boycott SHOES but not Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Platinum…..

  13. Master P.; I'm quite certain there will be more compelling ventures you can flex your capital on. Judging from all these dinosaur companies in limbo phase; it's only a matter of time before they be on the auction block for pennies on the dollar. My perspective; Reebok is a bad investment.


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