Mastercard Adding Bitcoin, Getting Paid In Bitcoin, Buying Virtual Land & Grayscale Keeps Buying

Mastercard Adding Bitcoin, Getting Paid In Bitcoin, Buying Virtual Land & Grayscale Keeps Buying


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  1. Bitcoin is gradually rising again and that's why investing in it will be the best option now especially with Mrs Jennifer Robert. Because her method works like magic.

  2. I asked one of my coworkers when he was going to buy bitcoin. He said "Never! Silver baby! Precious metals is going to take off!"
    Another coworker chimed in "Bitcoin is going to zero as soon as the US dollar crashes! Invest in gold!" I bit my tongue because bitcoin is decentralized, so his assumptions have obvious gaping holes.
    I wished them luck and walked away. I never told them that I'm sitting on a 1800% gain since 2017, when the same guys told me I was crazy stupid for buying btc at $2,500.
    I just feel bad because they work really hard, and I feel like I have the cure for their financial problems, but they furiously reject it. So I'm going to retire in my mid 50's and live comfortably, while they are going to have to work into their 70's and then live off a fixed income that is a mix of a dwindling social security, and a paltry 401k that refuses to even look at bitcoin. It is inevitable that most people will wake up one day and realize that they missed the crypto trane, especially when bitcoin is so widely used that the volatility is gone and its super stable.

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