r/Entitledparents In at present’s episode, OP has an extremely spoiled and entitled aunt who wants a brand new automobile. Does she purchase the brand new automobile herself? After all not! She calls for that her brother assist her get the automobile. When her brother refuses, she calls baby protecting companies on him and accuses him of torturing his youngsters. CPS then pulls OP out of college and interrogates him to see if his father really tortures him. Think about destroying somebody’s household as a result of they do not purchase you a brand new automobile!

👪 r/Entitledparents Insane Mom Publicly Kicks A Youngster With a Damaged Ankle!

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“Sneaky Snitch” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. British soldiers in the trenches in ww1 yelling at the mustard gas for making them sick instead of running away or putting on a gasmask

  2. Seriously? I have seizures. This woman is DISGUSTING. For her to act like this is horrible. I'd like to have a few words with her. I would give my right arm to be back to work! I asked for a hysterectomy to reduce seizures but they said that could make them worse. She thinks this is something to make light of having?

  3. When I was younger my mum cooked pasta when I was sick and I ended up throwing up in it. From that day onward even the smell of sour cream and chives pasta makes me feel sick.

  4. Anyone else kinda upset about how the car story ended? Like, getting a free car doesn't sound like a punishment to me, and she already was unable to get the new car herself. disappointed in the grandma for not selling the car to someone else haha

  5. I got scared a day with no rslash in my morning routine 🤣 it's ok cleaning routine it is then lmao I'm glad he's ok thought he was having him time today he deserves it he posts everyday!!

  6. I feel really bad for the person whose mom screamed at them for something they promised when they were LITERALLY ONLY 5 FRIGGIN YEARS OLD. That mom sounds like a nightmare to deal with and I sincerely hope the OP of that story is in a more stress free environment. What I also don't get is why you're mad at me when YOU read MY diary. That diary is for ME to write MY private thoughts, not for you or anyone else to read. Have you considered that maybe the reason OP writes about that kind of stuff is because they feel like they have no one else they feel like they can tell these things? I'm sorry for this whole rant, I just needed to vent because hearing stories of people who treat their own children like that make me so upset😤

  7. After that video where he talked about how he has to post everyday compared to his wife working, when he didn't post I got so worried I'm so glad that him and his wife are okay though and it was just something small that had the video not uploaded. I also completely felt forgetting to hit publish

  8. I had the exact thing with my mum in regard to abuse and neglect using my diary as a escape but instead she confronted me with self harm. Jeez thought I was the only one with a parent that bad

  9. I wouldn't have even given that aunt the free car tbh if you pull something like that best of luck figuring it out on your own

  10. Second story: That one had a good reply. It said it happened to him as well, so he begin to write in code and his mother demamded him to decode the dairy to read it and refused.

  11. I wake up everyday at 6 to listen to his videos was surprised that it wasn't up and my routine was thrown off, I demand compensation for the damages you have cause me rslash lol

  12. The diary story unleashed a floodgate of memories for me my mother. My privacy was nothing to her I had a diary and I hid the keys and my mother somehow knew my hidden secrets she knew everything I felt violated

  13. Hell, the kid didn't even 'break the promise.' She literally just HAD A FREAKIN' DREAM.
    Who sits there and yells and screams at their child for having a dream, something they cant control?
    I sincerely hope OP has since moved on and cut contact with that shit-can of a 'Mother.'

  14. yikes the diary story reminds me of my older cousin by marriage, when I was really little I was like obsessed with him bc he always spoiled me so I called him my boyfriend, he had me sign a little contract saying I’d always be his girlfriend I was no older then ten I’d say lol I mean it was never anything inappropriate but looking back on it it was gross and odd (he’s about 40+ now and I’m 20)

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