Should You Buy a TV now or Wait? Sony A90J, LG G1 EVO, Samsung Neo QLED Q90A TCL Mini LED

Should You Buy a TV now or Wait? Sony A90J, LG G1 EVO, Samsung Neo QLED Q90A TCL Mini LED

Must you purchase a TV proper now ? Any time throughout the yr it may be complicated to know if you can purchase an older mannequin TV or await the brand new know-how forward. Whether or not it is the Superbowl, Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday or Holidays, individuals all the time ask when is the perfect time to purchase? However it’s simply as vital to know in regards to the new tech popping out. Samsung Neo QLED, LG QNED and EVO Panel OLED, Sony Grasp Sequence A90J with 1300 Nits, and lots of of those corporations having mini-led TVs for the primary time. I will go over the timeline and the brand new know-how for 2021.

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Price range Choices
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  1. Video doesn’t really help, most people want to know if the prices of older models will get cut when the new model comes out. Will the price of the cx have a significant cut soon? Quite possibly..

  2. Just bought the X950h and 3 days till delivery. I didn't see any reason to spend more on any TV that I looked at. This TV is a big improvement over my 12 year old Sony so I will be happy. The next thing will be 8K so if your TV is only 2 years old it is too soon to be buying right now, wait for 8K to come down in price and more content to come out, just like we waited for 4K. 4K has arrived.

  3. definitely wait for the 2021 lineups… exciting year of miniled, cheaper oled from LG, New Bravia chip from Sony, cheaper hdmi2.1
    This is the year when u get a new TV, which will probably last you long enough when 8k gaming comes out (say like PS6) and microled/qd oled prices get realistic

  4. I'm trying to balance size and cost for a gift to a good friend. For a living room with windows and glass patio doors, I'm trying to decide between the 65" H9G at $949 and the 75" H8G at $1,249. The bigger size would be nice but I don't know if the added features of the H9G would offset the size difference make it the better buy at $300 less. It would be used for watching cable tv, Netflix, and minimal gaming with seating 6-8 feet from the screen. Any opinion?

  5. sucks because I just moved and needed to get my tv asap. Really happy I got the LG CX but sucks that the new version is dropping very soon

  6. Hi, thank you for your great reviews. I'm trying to find a new TV, either 50 or 55 inch, for a very sunny room with two walls of large windows facing south and east. Also, the room does not have room darkening shades, just regular privacy shades. (rental) Would you recommend an OLED or LED or LCD for that type of situation? We mostly stream movies and shows, watch cable, no gaming at all. It's super confusing as to what would be best so any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  7. Thanks for this video! When can we expect to learn about 22 Hisense? I didn't see much info as CES. Sounds like you said later in the spring like Vizio?

  8. Hi B, great video. New subscriber to your well informed video collection.
    Any thoughts on the Samsung Terrace for outdoor use under a patio? I’m currently placing a cover on an indoor hisense H9G TV placed outdoors and would love to have the luxury of leaving it alone without covering from time to time. It would have a partial roof over top, so it won’t get drenched. We have snow, rain, and moderate heat here.
    Any successful stories with the Terrace TV? Info is scarce out there it seems for this model. Thanks B!

  9. Can you tell me what Monitor I should buy.
    WQHD, at least 34", 120 Hz or more, HDR,
    Under 1000$

    I will play games and do media. Doesn't has to be perfectly color accurate.
    Please Let me know 🙂

    Shout out from Germany!

  10. Good job B. Thanks for the sound advice. If you had the $8000 bucks to spend, would you go for the A90J 83 or the LG 77 EVO? I’m hoping that the LG will be competitive to Sony, especially if it will be a couple thousand bucks cheaper

  11. If the Sony OLED is able to achieve the 1300 nits brightness I may have found my winner. An 83" OLED with great brightness and Sony processing I am glad I did not buy a LGs 77" OLED TV in 2020.

  12. Great video! I’m sort of on a budget(1k and below) for my new apartment, and looking to buy a tv(55 to 65 inch). Looking at Prism vs TCL would be great if you can do a review comparison and which model to recommend! Of course if there is better Brand’s out in the market would love to hear your opinion. Thank you!

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