Tesla & Elon Musk Buy Bitcoin - GAME OVER

Tesla & Elon Musk Buy Bitcoin – GAME OVER

Elon Musk and Tesla purchase Bitcoin. What this implies for us as buyers.

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Looking back, it was inevitable. Elon buys Bitcoin, so simply final month I used to be on Logan Paul’s Imaulsive podcast and I stated this “I feel this yr, I can see somebody like Elon musk or Tesla” put cash into Bitcoin. Hate to say I instructed you so however I instructed you so. Though I used to be fallacious, 1.5 billion is definitely about 15% of Teslas’ money. Apparently Tesla may also begin accepting it as cost and as quickly as Tesla does – I’m going to purchase a Tesla identical to I stated I might. Proof of Elon is actual. If you happen to adopted the dialog Elon had on TWITTER, asking how one can hypothetically purchase billions of {dollars} of Bitcoin – the writing was on the wall. It was nearly apparent. It’s simply firms undergo media silence durations the place they don’t disclose what they’re doing till a sure timeframe. So now the worth of Bitcoin goes to skyrocket. Right here’s what this implies total.

Telsa’s inventory goes to develop like loopy, it’s already up over 2% or technically 15 billion {dollars} of market capitalization which hilarious greater than pays for his bitcoin spending. That is only the start. However curiously, that is one thing Anthony Pompliano identified in his e-newsletter this morning, Tesla and Elon’s complete ethos for doing enterprise, is as a result of he needs to maneuver humanity ahead and create a sustainable inexperienced world, and there’s simply no means he would ever help one thing like Bitcoin if he didn’t imagine Bitcoin was a waste of vitality which is what lots of people criticize Bitcoin of doing. Second, this implies domino impact can also be about to grow to be very actual.

Some of the primary types of monetary recommendation you’ll ever hear, particularly on my cannel is that it’s best to all the time have most of your money working for you except you will have higher causes for holding it however usually talking holding money means shedding a whole lot of buying energy over time as a result of we proceed printing extra {dollars}. However as people most individuals save up within the 1000’s of {dollars} vary. However think about being a company with billions of {dollars} the place shedding 1-2% per yr, means shedding tens of millions of {dollars} of buying energy. The issue turns into very actual, which implies you want an answer, and apparently, based on Elon who I feel is likely one of the smartest folks on this world, thinks Bitcoin is that answer. I occur to agree with him which is why I’ve been changing my money since 2014, slowly shopping for Bitcoin.

Here is one more reason. Think about being the hedge fund supervisor who has to reply to buyers why their portfolio grew by 7%, whereas Cathy Woods grew by 200%. It nearly forces the arms of hedge funds to place in 1% at the least to allow them to inform their buyers “I used to be sensible, I transformed some cash, don’t fear you’re uncovered to Bitcoin”. Total, an enormous day for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency basically.

I don’t need wall avenue to get in on this earlier than common folks do. That is going to take a while earlier than we get extra CEOs leaping in however for now, it’s much more dangerous to not have Bitcoin then to have it. Go get 2 free shares with WeBull by depositing $100 you’ll get two free shares, one among which could be valued as much as $1600, and take a look at my Patreon within the meantime if you wish to monitor these stonks.

*None of that is meant to be construed as funding recommendation, it is for leisure functions solely. Hyperlinks above embody affiliate fee or referrals. I am a part of an affiliate community and I obtain compensation from partnering web sites. The video is correct as of the posting date however is probably not correct sooner or later.

  1. Bigger companies will wait until the hype of retail investors buying in dies down and the price drops a little. Then we will see another company or companies buy in at the dip. all of us should try to buy the dip too lol.

  2. So, everyone, we should sell our bitcoins and buy cheap teslas 😀 lol cause if ""accepting bitcoin" means all the time convert to fiat its bullshit.

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  4. They will get tax write off if the coin goes down and will not pay tax if coin goes up. They will also allow consumers to use bit coin to buy cars. They did not say when they would purchase the coin

  5. You are very nice to share your portfolio. I was wondering how many % do you keep in btc and how many in eth? Thank you!

  6. That's all cool and stuff until you actually realize how bitcoin (or as I like to call it "surveillance coin") really works. Bitcoin is no longer decentralized (over 65% of all bitcoin is now controlled by China), it's not fungible, and also anyone and I do mean literally anyone can see how much bitcoin you own – MASSIVE security risk for your physical health if you hold a good amount. And if that wasn't enough, bitcoin is FULLY traceable – anyone can see who you sent money to and who sent you money which is information that can later be used against you by people with ill intentions or business competitors. Don't believe me? Look up all of what I just said for yourself. I'm not saying the idea behind the blockchain is bad and that all cryptocurrencies are as bad as bitcoin. I would look into privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies instead. Do your research and pick the one with the most privacy and security. Your personal freedoms and physical health are FAR more important than any amount of bitcoin.

  7. Hi Andrei, Can you manage my money using it to trade crypto and make profits for me, if yes, pls drop your email, lets communicate

  8. Bitcoin is the future ,investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially the current rise
    Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  9. It is to turn paper dollar worthless and move to digital currency so they can control better and can "crash" the system whenever. Federal reserve what a joke ha do people still belive it is owned by yhe government? Rockerfeller foundation owns it just named it that so people think it's for the "government".

  10. Don't believe this Elite elon musk guy. They will withdraw at one moment and say 'nah it isn't what we've hoped for'.. just to destroy the bitcoin!!

  11. So now we have the sellout transhumanist Elon Musk promoting and advocating digital assets as we begin to see the fight against the virus becoming a push towards a cashless society and the adoption of Fedcoin. How convenient.

  12. Hey Andrei, just curious of your thoughts of buying bitcoin through PayPal? Is it safe, or am I better off using blockfi?

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