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The Doomsday Zone | Sonic News Network

The Doomsday Zone is the eighth and ultimate general Zone of Sonic & Knuckles (and the fourteenth and ultimate Zone of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles). Below regular circumstances, this Zone is simply playable as Sonic, however it’s playable with Tails or Knuckles from Degree Choose/Sound Check if Debug Mode is enabled. Sonic will need to have all seven of the Chaos Emeralds to play the zone as Tremendous Sonic; if the seven Tremendous Emeralds are additionally obtained, the participant can even play the extent as Hyper Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles solely).


The Doomsday Zone is about in a area of outer area excessive above Earth, with clusters of asteroids scattered throughout. The elapsed time of the battle takes place on this in depth area of asteroids.


The Loss of life Egg has as soon as once more been destroyed from Sonic’s victory over Robotnik within the Loss of life Egg Zone, however the Grasp Emerald stays in area. Now, as solely Sonic and Robotnik stay in a race towards one another, Sonic should summon the ability of the Chaos/Tremendous Emeralds to neutralize the evil scientist for good.

Sonic routinely positive aspects 50 Rings on the battle’s begin and immediately transforms into Tremendous Sonic/Hyper Sonic (the latter’s case is that if all seven Tremendous Emeralds are acquired). Due to his Tremendous/Hyper Kind, Sonic’s Rings are steadily depleted (by one Ring each second), so he should preserve selecting up Rings scattered round through the combat to be able to preserve his Tremendous/Hyper Kind. He should even be cautious of asteroids, which sluggish him right down to a close to halt if hit, and missiles which render him unable to maneuver or gather Rings for a while. Though just one or two hits are unlikely to jeopardize the participant’s likelihood of success, even a slight lack of focus may cause Sonic to collide with many obstacles and get pushed dangerously far behind. The A Button (Sega Genesis).svg, B Button (Sega Genesis).svg, or C Button (Sega Genesis).svg buttons will make Sonic fly sooner in any path. If Sonic’s Rings deplete all the way in which to zero, he’ll lose his Tremendous/Hyper Kind, fall off the display, and instantly die.

The primary part of this stage prompts Sonic to dodge an onslaught of missiles in a slalom-like vogue, and Sonic should keep between the pairs of missiles (or keep away from them utterly) as they transfer up and down. Rings often present up in teams of Three or 6, shopping for Sonic invaluable time if any are collected, though of Eight to 12 could seem on the prime and the underside of the extent. This makes it doable to realize 100 or extra Rings (and a 1-Up) within the first a part of the stage earlier than reaching Robotnik’s ship.

The primary boss.

The ship, a big blue destroyer-like spacecraft, has a launcher on the underside which fires homing missiles at Sonic, and has a trio of cannons on its aspect which consistently fireplace unguided bullets. Neither of those will trigger Sonic hurt, however will briefly immobilize him, hindering his efforts to destroy the ship. The ship is totally impervious to any direct assaults by Tremendous/Hyper Sonic so, he should information the homing missiles into the place what seems to be the Loss of life Egg Robotic’s head stands out of the ship, appearing because the pilot, whereas avoiding the heavy ammunition it shoots at a continuing tempo. This have to be finished rapidly, as Rings can’t be collected throughout this a part of the combat. As soon as the ship has sustained eight rockets to the top within the cockpit, it’s going to burst into flames and fall off-screen earlier than exploding, initiating the ultimate part of the boss.

The second boss.

A large pink humanoid-like robotic with a jetpack emerges out of the blue outer shell, clearly carrying the Grasp Emerald in its arms. It resembles the Loss of life Egg Robotic in design (presumably rebuilt after its earlier destruction), however with a extra streamlined look and options just like these of an EggRobo. It releases bombs if overtaken from above, and spiked mines if approached from under. Sonic should catch as much as it and contact its head eight instances to destroy it and get well the Grasp Emerald. This process needs to be finished rapidly, as Sonic could have hassle regaining Rings sooner than he loses them, particularly whereas avoiding one other wave of asteroids and the robotic’s explosives whereas making an attempt to catch up and assault it.


  • This stage marks the primary time in a recurring succession of Sonic video games that the ultimate stage makes use of a Tremendous type setting in a race towards time and depleting Rings, solely accessible by way of acquiring all of the Emeralds.
  • The music for this Zone can also be utilized in Knuckles’ model of the Sky Sanctuary Zone through the ultimate battle towards Mecha Sonic’s Tremendous State.
  • A remix of the music that performs on this Zone was initially alleged to be within the Nintendo 3DS model of Sonic Generations for the boss combat towards Huge Arm, nevertheless it was later changed by a remix of the ultimate boss theme of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. The one identified recording of the beta soundtrack will be discovered right here:
  • In most variations of the sport, the music will speed up in tempo when Sonic runs dangerously wanting Rings (ten Rings or under), growing pressure within the participant and urgency to maintain gathering Rings. That is just like the Particular Phases after a while has handed. That is lacking in Sonic Jam.
  • After Knuckles finishes this Zone in debug mode, he’s seen blue on the Twister and the unique pink one will probably be watching him on the finish. He’s additionally seen with two Grasp Emeralds, one in his hand and one on the again of the twister.
  • Hiddenpalacesk.png

    What’s attention-grabbing to notice is that, inside Hidden Palace Zone (three Zones beforehand), a mural within the background through the battle between Sonic (and/or Tails) and Knuckles depicts an summary model of this battle.

  • The ultimate type of the boss seems in Sonic and the Black Knight in successful fan paintings.
  • A variant of the boss seems as the ultimate boss of Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Journey within the Chaotic House Zone.
  • The music for this Zone was remixed because the music that performs through the battle towards Mecha Sonic at Aerobase Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Journey.
  • There may be technically an unused “Act 2” for this Zone, however it will possibly solely be entered by way of a glitch or hacking. The Act is only a black display with Sonic turning into Tremendous/Hyper Sonic, however instantly falling to his loss of life attributable to having zero Rings.
  • If the participant accesses this Zone utilizing Degree Choose and completes it they are going to get the dangerous ending.



S&Okay Assortment

Title Artist Size Music Observe
The Doomsday (FM Synthesizer) 1:54
The Doomsday (Normal MIDI) 1:51

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