On this video we are going to go over tsla inventory and the place I see tsla inventory heading within the coming weeks.


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  1. Another brutal day for the troubled car maker Tesla as its shares were once again beaten down, continuing to spiral out of control. And that is the good part. So what went wrong today?
    Two Words : "Mustang Mania"

    Tesla vehicle builds have been at best, "Horrible" as of late. JD Power's 2021 Vehicle Dependability Study put Tesla near the bottom of the pack. In Consumers Reports 2021 ranking, Tesla slid five spots to Number 16 due to reliability issues, and the Chinese community is fed up with their substandard builds. You can pull the wool over their eyes once, but not twice. Chinese people take pride in their vehicles, and what they drive. Up until now, Tesla was really the only EV on the market. But when the Mustang Mach E started to roll out, things started to go sour for Tesla, and quickly.

    In a side by side comparison between Tesla, and the Mustang Mach E, the Mustang Mach E blows the Tesla away for style, looks, drive, class, build …. this list is endless. If you test drive the Mustang Mach E you will see why people are now saying that Tesla vehicles are basic, old hat, and they wouldn't want to be caught dead in one.

    Tesla bosses must be banging their head wondering what to do. They have slashed prices of their cars, in an effort to see if anyone is willing to buy them. The auto trader magazines have been filling up with used Tesla's vehicles as the value has been collapsing.

    Interest in the Mustang Mach E has been outstanding. Its rumored that Mustang purchases are far exceeding Ford's estimates, which may be the reason why Tesla will be sitting on a lot full of their cars with no buyers in site.

    Investors in Tesla dumped their shares and exited as quick as they possibly could.

  2. I am heavily invested in tsla for long run. I think it will go back up and soon it will hit 1K. I’m staying optimistic hopefully it will payoff for those who hold

  3. will probably continue to dip with no news in sight for a while. At these prices Tesla needs a big catalyst and until them MM"S will dump on retail after open like the last 8 days

  4. New to options here but if TSLA is going to go up then could you buy call options now then when the price goes up, sell those options? Sorry if my terminology is off haha like I said pretty new. Great video by the way!

  5. Hi,
    I bought 126 shares of Tesla at $893 over a month ago, I used margin too and paying interest since then on Robinhood.
    Now I have a negative $20k and Tesla share’s been dropping for the last one month.
    What should I do?
    Should I wait? Do you think it’s gonna go back to at lesst $893 soon?
    Thank you?

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  7. All the YouTube money is pouring out of nio and Tesla and into cciv because it's the next "hot (and soon to be way overpriced) stock".

  8. Appreciate it, made nice money on tesla calls when the s+p announcement was made then lost money on it a few weeks after, was setting up nicely then I see your video 👍 Also people don't like hearing gaps always fill but there was a gap looks like back on Jan-5-2021 where it looks like it sold off to. On Jan 5 it closed at about $735 and that was the low for the day today. Also last few times it hit the bottom BB it bounced nicely so maybe someone will randomly up their PT this week on this dip. Let's get it !! 💸🚀🥳

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