WHICH VITAMIX TO BUY | vitamix comparison + accessories

WHICH VITAMIX TO BUY | vitamix comparison + accessories

I am obsessive about my Vitamix blender! So at this time I am evaluating a number of Vitamix fashions – the Explorian E310, Skilled Collection 750 and Ascent A3500 – and providing you with my overview and recommendations on every one. I am additionally sharing some must-have equipment.

I bought my first Vitamix almost eight years in the past, lengthy earlier than I ever grew to become a meals blogger or YouTuber. And whereas I am thrilled to have the ability to companion with Vitamix on at this time’s video, my love for Vitamix is actually real as a result of that first blender reworked my wholesome consuming, life-style and strategy to meals.

At the moment, I’ve tons of Vitamix recipes right here on my YouTube channel (try my playlist) and I’ve much more recipes over on my web site. From smoothies, to soups, frozen yogurts, pestos, hummus, nut milks, nut butters and extra. You actually cannot go incorrect with any Vitamix blender, so select the very best Vitamix for you!

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Disclaimer: product hyperlinks might embrace affiliate hyperlinks. This video was created in partnership with Vitamix (a model I’ve liked and used for years). All ideas and opinions are my very own.

  1. Hi friends! Who has a Vitamix on their wishlist? You know I LOVE my Vitamix and use it daily in my kitchen. So with the holidays right around the corner I thought I'd answer some of your questions on which Vitamix blender you should buy. And I'm tossing in ALL the accessories. 😉 I hope you find the video helpful and if you have any questions, let me know! xo – Lisa

  2. I would love one of these but they are so expensive and with the way things are it'll take me forever to save up for one of these

  3. I'll keep my Blendtec over the Vitamix any day. Used almost a thousand time, yes, theirs a counter on it, and it's still like new.
    Blends everything perfect

  4. OMG!! Finally a well done video explaining the choices!! Thank you! It was quite helpful. It moved along at a good pace and I finally am not so confused.

  5. I have the first one and I love it but I won't deny wanting the digital one. So, I rather save up to buy it than to buy a brand name bag.

  6. Im really bothered with noise and trying to buy the quietest one. Which would you recommend, please?

  7. Hi Lisa,
    Love your videos!
    Between the A3500 no accessories and the A2300 with the additional 48 oz dry container, set of 20 oz travel mugs – both options are the same price 😬
    which would you recommend for a newbie?

  8. will the E310 container sits firmly on the base? I just got mine, it will be secured on the base, but loosely. So it's actually move alittle when the blending job starts. Is that normal?

  9. The video is very informative, you have invested your time and effort very well for your subscribers. I am finding your channel to be resourceful. Since vitamix is expensive I want to get more out of it. This will definitely help me with baby food, smoothies and sauces however, coming from an Indian background I make lot of gluten free food using batters from rice, lentils and legumes could you please advise if I can use vitamix to make these? TIA

  10. My Christmas List I Wish I Had a Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix S30 Blenders. Because I Always has Normal High Speed Blender With blue and white display name 767 powerful blender.

  11. Hi Lisa, love your videos! I still have the old TNC 5200 (bought in 2013). Do the cups (travel mugs and small cups for salsa etc) fit on those..?

  12. Im in need of a blender now and would get the 3500 but it's way too expensive. Black friday had a sale that i would have taken advantage of but i didn't know. Sorry Vitamix. i'll have to go with breville.

  13. Hello Lisa, I love your content 💕 I wanted to know what’s a good alternative if I can’t afford a Vitamix blender and parts?

  14. LOVE the videos, thank you so much. I was considering a refurbished model. What are you thoughts on A3500, I saw a few reviews with the dislike of the clear lid being difficult to clink into place? You don't seem to have any problems with someone with arthritis could that be a barrier? thank you

  15. Oh,gracias por compartir este súper valioso y 🌶🍅🥕♥️ Video esta licuadora desde que la miré hace 3ańos se me hizo súper bonita y muy potente Gracias 🙏🏼 😋😘👏🏼💕♥️🙌🙌👍👍

  16. Great website! Ive been looking forward to trying some of your recipes. I went with the E310. Its amazing. Like having a Jamba Juice at home, on demand. I prefer the lack of "features" personally – Its very industrial! And the smaller vessel size is perfect for 1‐2 people, both in terms of portions and ease of clean up. I'm a bachelor, so the easier the cleaning, the happier I am 😆

  17. Where does the 5300 fit in the group? There is a really good deal on it now but I don't know much about it or if it does the same things as shown on these recipe videos. Any help appreciated.

  18. Thanks for the info, I just seem to be developing a interest in cooking more lately. I love the fact you can make whip cream so quickly instead of screaming beaters at 10 at night, because it goes with the bedtime snack 😀. If you had health issues before I'd never know it now, you look great.

  19. Excellent video. I’m looking to buy a Vitamix and needed an understanding of the different models and you answered most of my questions.

  20. Hi, im looking for a vitamix that isn't the most expensive and can blend foods into smooth textures with no bits, as i cant eat solids or things that are textured. Which one do u recommend ? Thanks

  21. I think you need to edit/update this video now. The new Food Processor attachment only works with the Ascent and Venturist lines and therefore, it would be better for people to opt for those lines and future-proof themselves..

  22. Your review was so good it inspired my husband and I to invest in our first vitamix blender – Thank you for making this video!

  23. Super helpful video! I am literally brand new to Vitamix as an option/tool in my kitchen, and this was the perfect primer. Thank you!!

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