Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Tires

Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Tires

Swapping Tires On My Honda S2000 Yields Unimaginable Outcomes
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I swap the undersized, out of alignment, mismatched, low-cost Fuzion VRI and HRI tires on my S2000 for all new Bridgestone RE-71R tires. To show whether or not or not altering the tires makes a major distinction for my car’s dealing with, I analyze braking habits (stopping time, distance, and peak g-forces), utilizing the RaceLogic Vbox Sport (hyperlink above). The outcomes are extraordinarily spectacular. Whereas the Fuzion tires worsen with ever brake take a look at, as they start to warmth up. The RE-71R tires, nevertheless, get higher with each take a look at. The distinction in braking distance earlier than and after the tire swap actually takes my automotive from behaving like a Cadillac Escalade, to an Alfa Romeo 4C. Fairly the leap!

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! The important lesson here really is to do some research before buying new tires. Companies like Tire Rack, Consumer Reports, and many of the major auto journalist magazines post independent test data and cross-examine all kinds of different tires for braking, lateral grip, wet/dry testing, etc. Buying the most expensive thing on the shelf doesn't necessarily equate to the best tire. Best to look at what tires are available for the size you need, and try to dig up data to see what performs the best. I believe safety is worth the extra money spent, and if it prevents you from getting in a wreck you'll save time and money in the long run. Hope you're all having a great day! Consider following my other pages!
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  2. Really doesn't seem fair to compare expensive, aggressive, R compound tires to cheap all seasons. It'd be much better to compare a bridgestone all season to these fuzions. Or perhaps something like a Federal 595-rr vs the re-71; where at least both are aimed at the similar high performance summer tire category.
    Honestly I'd expect the re-71 to beat Bridgestone's best all season by 15-20%.

  3. None of this was surprising. The car had undersized tires in the rear which is always a no-no. And "good" summer tires get stickier when warm. And rear tire life on S2000s with alignment issues is quite short. Many owners are surprised that their "new" car has bald tires at 8000 miles.

  4. Idk dude I drive with 70$ tires on my bmw, Achilles ATR Sport 2, I don’t brother wasting money. These tires went through many many burn outs and drifts with -3.0 camber and lasted me more than I expected with so much grip in wet and dry weather.

  5. And I guess the testing was done on the way back from the shop, meaning the Bridgestone tyres were not even braked-in

  6. Just wondering why the someone would put on "undersized" rear tires unless it was their way of playing with suspension set-up.

  7. Unless your racing your car on a racetrack, always buy cheap tyres.

    If you drive to the speed limit to and from work, to shops etc, you're wasting your money buying expensive tyres imo

  8. Remember more than just buying good tires to begin with. Maintaining the tires is the critical part, as in proper and timely rotation/balance and at minimum getting a four wheel alignment immediately after purchase. The free rotations and balance and tire pressure monitoring systems are there for a reason and can save your life…at minimum save your wallet, possibly a little more cash in the beginning but saves in the long run.

  9. Love tour channel
    I have dime questions.
    I have an ND miata, does It affect having wider tires un the rear axle? I mean, Is not bad? Is It worthy?

  10. You can buy cheap tires. But you have to do rotation/alignment/balancing on weekly or monthly basis.. thats the headache everyone facing..😬🤒

  11. I always look at tires before I buy a car, not only what condition they are in but the size and speed rating so I can determine how expensive they are to replace. You never know when you could get a nail in your tire where it can't be repaired so you do have to think about that. I do buy good brands but if its $200 for a Goodyear or Michelin I would probably just avoid that car in the first place, at least as a daily driver. My current daily driver is fun to drive, pretty sporty, and has tires that cost $100 for a brand new Goodyear or Michelin. Not too bad if you need to get one in a hurry.

  12. I always like people who talking about spending your money. Not all of us have the deep pockets where $200 doesn't make a difference.

    Back in my sporty car days, I used to talk to guys who'd drop a grand on tires this week and not be happy with their performance at the autocross. Next week, they'd have new tires. Of course they didn't have mortgages, or kids, or they had incomes that were three or four times what mine was at the time.

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